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Tech Innovation

As a tech-forward company, National DCP values innovation in every aspect of our business.  We are committed to being a true digital partner for our customers. Our team understands what restaurants and food service operators need when it comes to IT-based supply chain solutions. We are constantly investigating ways to leverage AI and machine learning to improve operations.

Having the right technology in place is critical to delivering on NDCP’s mission is to help Dunkin’ franchisees operate profitable businesses. We have implemented easy-to-access software that helps store managers and owners run successful restaurants. Fully integrated with the Crunchtime POS system used by our customers, we obtain real time inventory information that allows us to deliver a more robust planning and ordering platform.

Strategic Tech Tools

Over the next few years, our company plans to launch mobile technology that makes it even easier to do business with us. Meanwhile, we have invested in strategic IT planning tools including:

  • Transportation Management System – Implemented in 2024, our transportation management system has enhanced route planning and the POD system used by customers to confirm the receipt of orders. Highlights included text/email alert blackout times, additional “heads up” notifications and refreshed tracker/POD site view.
  • ELD Software – Drivers are critically important to our organization. We use our Electronic Logging Device (ELD) software to help drivers work safely and effectively by monitoring essential functions mandated by the Department of Transportation including driver hours logging, trailer monitoring to protect against theft and trailer temperature monitoring.
  • Warehouse Scanning – We are investing in new scanning devices that have significantly improved selection rate accuracy and efficiencies. This newer technology will replace voice prompt selection software at our facilities nationwide in 2025 when NDCP switches to a new Warehouse Management System.

Promoting security

In today’s world, cybersecurity threats represent the single largest area of concern for modern connected businesses in the foodservice industry. You have probably seen the numerous headlines about major suppliers and food manufacturers experiencing security incidents that caused significant disruptions.

While no business can eliminate cybersecurity threats, NDCP does everything we can to protect our customers and team members. Maintaining the security of your sensitive data, privacy, and proprietary business information is at the forefront of our IT operations. We continually invest in technologies, people, and processes aimed at reducing our exposure to such risks. The IT team has also fortified NDCP’s abilities to appropriately respond and recover business operations if an incident ever impacts our computing environments.

ELiminating downtime

When it comes to connectivity and service, our customers need a partner they can count on. NDCP is extremely stable when it comes to 24/7 connectivity, every day of the year. We have eliminated downtime, allowing Dunkin’ franchisees to receive the constant support they need. Our team has also implemented advanced analytics and automated alerting to stay on top of potential challenges before issues develop.

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