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When it comes to distribution, NDCP is committed to driving what matters – literally. Our professional, tenured drivers, warehouse teams and support departments focus intently on delivering Dunkin’ orders on-time and in-full.

Extensive Network

Each year, our extensive distribution network makes 700,000+ deliveries of over 86 million cases, driving more than 30 million miles. NDCP currently has nine distribution centers nationwide and 30+ logistics hubs, allowing us to reach 58% of the U.S. population within a day.

We have an experienced, professional operations workforce. Tenure levels exceed industry averages. A long-standing emphasis on safety and innovation also helps us retain top talent.

86+ Million
Number of cases distributed during 700,000+ deliveries each year, with our network driving more than 30 million miles

Notable Developments

  • Our enhanced POD software was successfully deployed across all NDCP distribution centers in 2024. Utilizing industry-leading routing and delivery software to improve delivery tracking and efficiency, it has created numerous opportunities for our franchise network to stay connected on the status of their orders.
  • Implemented MoveSMART® Ergonomics training to reinforce at-work safety habits while preventing injuries. Emphasizing hands-on practical applications with simple adjustments, we reduced warehouse injuries by 40%. Our efforts to create safe handling zone techniques was recognized with the national MoveSMART Excellence Award in 2020.
  • Our fleet equipment strategy ensures NDCP uses well-maintained, newer equipment. We cycle equipment out when it has exceeded its expected useful life. Tractors, every five years, trailers, every seven years, and all equipment on full-service maintenance contracts.
Notable Developments - distribution
Distribution - Notable Developments

Customers can reap the benefits of our distribution network as part of a comprehensive supply chain solution.

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