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Restaurant Solutions

NDCP’s Restaurant Solutions plays a big role in the successful functioning of a foodservice operation. In an increasingly complex industry, our goal is to make things as easy as possible for the Dunkin’ franchisees we serve.

We provide everything customers need to effectively construct, remodel, and operate their restaurants. Areas of expertise include equipment and smallwares supply, as well as essential items and services that support repair and maintenance, logistics and consolidation, and remodel and new construction management needs. Our team’s tremendous negotiation and buying power also ensures customers receive the most competitive pricing on equipment and services.

Restaurant Solutions is organized in four key areas: Category Management, New Stores and Remodels, Dropship Solutions, and Equipment Maintenance.


Maintaining more than one hundred suppliers is no small feat. Restaurant Solutions’ Category Management team continues to develop better opportunities for our customers through the categories of construction, FF&E, equipment, smallwares, fabrication, KES, and equipment maintenance. Managing supplier relationships and contracts, negotiating pricing, and organizing product availability are some of the core attributes within Category Management. The team aims to build programs that provide our customers with requirements for their businesses and help them to ultimately obtain profitability.

New Store & Remodel Solution

NDCP’s Restaurant Solutions is dedicated in the development of new store openings and remodels for customers. The New Store & Remodel Solution is a differentiated and consolidated method for delivering full packages – equipment, smallwares, millwork, and stainless – to hundreds of new and remodeled quick-service restaurants every year. Our team manages everything between creating a bid, analyzing floor plans, managing the project, and ensuring customers have what they need to open their businesses.

Dropship Solutions

Planning a new store opening or remodel of a restaurant is a big undertaking. That’s why it is vital for franchisees to have an easy system in place for equipment replenishment to prevent any business disruptions. Dropship Solutions is available to place orders for replacement of furniture, ovens, restroom fixtures, ice machines, coffee equipment, worktables, and more. This team maintains extensive product knowledge and skills that are important in providing quality assistance to customers and their restaurant locations.

Equipment Maintenance

Every restaurant owner knows that when an essential piece of equipment becomes inoperable, it needs to be repaired quickly to keep business running. This is why Restaurant Solutions is proud to offer Equipment Maintenance programs and resources to customers. Through negotiated warranties on equipment, discounted rates on parts, technician training opportunities, and partnerships with equipment repair companies, customers have what they need to prepare for or potentially prevent downtime.

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