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November 10, 2021

Strengthening the Safety Chain

When it comes to the safety of a supply chain working environment, employees, supervisors, and managers can all help by making sure they’re educating themselves on the identification of potential hazards and implementing and maintaining the correct safety procedures. 

National DCP’s (NDCP) Warehouse and Food Safety Manager Nick McAfee was featured in the American Society of Safety Professionals Journal highlighting his focus in promoting safety in a leadership, distribution and warehouse setting. As an expert in the field, his implemented safety tactics have reduced NDCP’s soft-tissue injuries in our warehouses by 56% in a one-year time span.

McAfee has seen a disproportionate number of incidents among less-than-a-year new hires, thrown into a high-paced environment, who may not know the most efficient ways to work while protecting themselves. Other factors like turnover creating a constant stream of new hires, a lingering pandemic, and hands-on jobs that can’t be done remotely add to safety challenges.

Within this article, McAfee shares seven strategies that will better help companies answer these questions: “What can we do to improve?”, “Where are the gaps in our safety initiatives and approach?”, “How can we better train them?”, and “What kind of examples are we setting?”

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